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VPN Origma Services

Features of our VPN services

Surf Anonymously

Get a new IP address, so that nobody can discover your identity through it. Prevent websites from identifying you or your location from your personal IP. Protection against snoopers, data miners and privacy intrusive entities.

Surf Protected

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services act as a middleman between your computer and the rest of the Internet. In the process of connecting, VPNs encrypt your data. If you connect to public Wi-Fi and suffer a MITM (Man In The Middle) attack, hackers would have to spend time and energy decoding your data because of the VPN’s encryption.

Defeat restrictions

Unblock any website regardless of geographical location, firewall, traffic shaping and censorship. Origma.Services can tunnel through even the most strict DPI firewalls in countries like China or UAE. Go Stealth with OpenVPN, SSTP & SSH Tunnels.

No Logging

INNOVATION: With "Dedicated server with VPN" and "Dedicated server with dedicated IP for VPN" plans you get a VPS that runs openvpn server exlcusively for you. You can login there and see by yourself that no logging happens. Instructions on how to do it are in our FAQ

No Limits

No traffic limit. No time limit. Three simultaneous connections for each plan you buy. That means you can use 3 devices/PC's simultaneously (at the same time).


Stay protected with the security offered by high level encryption: 4096 bit RSA keys size. Uses OpenVPN to establish the connection between your computer and our servers.


Fully compliant with the European Union directives which protect your privacy: Directive on Data Protection (95/46/EC) and Directive concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy (2002/58/EC)

Easy Setup

Setup VPN software in minutes, on any device. From our "Downloads" section get the appropriate software for your device and import the configuration file that we send you after purchasing a plan.


We are proud of our support by providing you with many options to help you. Tickets, live chat, FAQ, downloads and Knowledgebase.

Anti-Hacking and Data Recovery Services

We provide a series of cyber security related services.

We fix hacked servers and/or websites and stop them being hacked again.

Most common problems are the following:
  • Send out spam email.
  • Launch attacks against other servers. Thus, consuming your CPU, memory, and bandwidth resources.
  • Install a phishing website on your server to gain access to sensitive information.
  • The hacker has guessed a password of a user on the server. This may be a email, ftp, or ssh user.
  • The hacker has gained access through a security hole in a web application (or its addons/plugins) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

We remove malware from any website.

We implement disaster recovery scenarios for servers and websites.

The list below includes elements that should be reviewed on a regular basis to support critical server definition requirements.
  • Business impact analysis and risk assessment
  • Strategy for server recovery.
  • Application dependencies and interdependencies.
  • Application downtime considerations for planned and unplanned outages.
  • Backup procedures.
  • Offsite storage for vital records.
  • Hardware for critical server recovery.

We empower the security of your server. This mainly consists of a very strict firewall and other common best practices.

We pentesting your server and advise you for the best practices to avoid attacks.

We recover data from unreadable hard disks.

And anything else you can possibly imagine that is security related.