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Development of dynamic websites

Our development department here at LuckyCloverWeb undertakes to create dynamic websites that can offer a comprehensive presentation of your company to the Internet.

The necessary steps you must follow are:


1 Domain Name

Through our domain management system we can provide you with domain names, that you can quickly and easily register in order to link them with your website's hosting (.gr .com .eu, etc)


2 Hosting Package

Choose the hosting package that fits your needs and calculate the monthly / annual costs online. Manage your emails, databases, files, backups and much more


3 Website Template

From a collection of over 25.000 samples, you can select your own template or, by combining characteristics from different templates, we can create your own unique template.


4 Content management

First we develop your website and then we adapt it to our online content management system. Ask us to show you a demo of our online management system. It is the heart of your dynamic website.

The necessary requirements to start making your website are you company's logo, some base colors of your choice, and a template or combination of templates of your choice.

Based on that information and your company's ideas we will create a draft to present it to you.

Both the graphic design and website presentation will be equivalent to your needs and concepts.

more about Websites

a website sitemap

A website is usually devided in

  • Homepage
  • Company's Profile
  • Services / Products
  • Search Form
  • Company's News
  • Contact Form

Website Examples

Administration Functions

The administration functions you can manage from the admin panel can be seen here

  • Website's content management in 2 languages (greek, english)
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Manage page content (text, images, links, files etc)
  • Manage company's news
  • Manage pop-up windows in your site
  • Manage banners in your site
  • Unlimited number of product pages
  • Create product Categories / Subcategories
  • Sales Management
  • Manage product attributes ("offer, new product, bestseller, recommended etc")
  • Manage product manufacturers (logos, links etc)
  • Database Backup
  • Online Image Editor